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Federal Workers: Send Us Your Memos!

These are unusual times to work in Washington, and Washingtonian wants to continue chronicling them. If you’d like to share anything with Washingtonian‘s editorial staff–a zany memo, perhaps, or anything else you think a journalist should see–you have several options:

• You can find staff members’ email addresses and phone numbers on our Contact Us page.

• The US Postal Service is still remarkably secure: Our address is 1828 L Street, Northwest, Suite 200, Washington, DC, 20009.

• Also, we have set up a secure transfer service.

To use it, you will need to install the Tor Browser on your own computer. We recommend connecting via a public WiFi access point where there are other active users.

From Tor Browser, visit washingtonjyjrgm.onion to begin.

Our editors will review submissions for newsworthiness on a secure workstation, using appropriate discretion and care. Only Washingtonian editors will be able to decrypt the files sent via this service.