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The Five Stages of Grief Over ShopHouse Closing

ShopHouse's noodle bowl with organic tofu, long beans, papaya slaw, and tamarind vinaigrette. Photograph by Erik Uecke.

ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen, the fast-casual restaurant chain with eight Washington locations, announced Thursday that it’s closing nationwide, according to a spokesperson for Chipotle, its parent company. After March 17, all we’ll have left is the memories–like that time subversive Georgetown students brought in their own tortillas and convinced the restaurant to start serving wraps, or that one time their Dupont cashier mercifully didn’t charge me for double chicken.

The sudden, devastating news garnered swift backlash from ShopHouse’s devoted patrons. Luckily, Twitter (there’s a @saveshophouse handle) is helping us cope with our grief, in all five stages:

Stage 1: Denial

Stage 2: Anger

Stage 3: Bargaining

Stage 4: Depression

Stage 5: Acceptance


Jackson Knapp
Assistant Editor