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Behold the Long Lines and Empty Shelves of DC-Area Supermarkets Before the Snowstorm

Behold the Long Lines and Empty Shelves of DC-Area Supermarkets Before the Snowstorm
At the Subterranean Safeway in Arlington. Photo by Rosa Cartagena.

On Monday night, Washingtonians prepared for the impending snowstorm by raiding their nearby grocery stores. Most of us got only a few inches of snow and sleet, but at least we stocked up on black beans.

Trader Joe’s in Logan Circle was so packed around 7 p.m. that shoppers had to queue outside before they could enter. Photo by Julie Strupp.
Already around 6:45 p.m. shelves at Traders Joe’s in Logan Circle were beginning to empty. Photo by Julie Strupp.
The checkout line snaked across the entire store as shoppers scrambled for provisions. Photo by Julie Strupp.

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Instagrammer Wendy Santantonio snapped this chaos at an unidentified Trader Joe’s in Washington.

At Arlington’s Subterranean Safeway, shelves were emptying around 7 p.m. Photo by Rosa Cartagena.
Slim pickings for chicken at the Safeway in Arlington. Photo by Rosa Cartagena.
Eggs are gone at the Giant on 7th St. in Shaw. Photo by Erica Andrew.
At the Giant in Shaw around 9pm Monday evening. Photo by Arielle Linsky.
At the Whole Foods in Friendship Heights. Photo by Kristie Lea.
At the Safeway in Rockville. Photo by Paul Merritt.

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Julie Strupp is an editorial fellow. Before Washingtonian, she did francophone video, radio, and photography projects addressing gender-based violence in Togo, West Africa with Peace Corps. She worked at the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism and AllAfrica and has contributed to Mic, Center for Public Integrity, DCist, and more. Now a proud Petworth-dweller, she’s also a University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate who loves judo, biking, art, and keeping the powerful accountable.

Rosa is a senior editor at Bitch Magazine. She’s written for Washingtonian and Smithsonian magazine.