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Is This Kellyanne Conway’s New House?

All photos courtesy of MRIS.

We think the evidence says yes, but we can’t be totally sure. Here’s what we know.

The $8 million mansion in Massachusetts Avenue Heights went under contract on Sunday, April 2. A real-estate source who was not involved in the sale tells Washingtonian that word is Kellyanne Conway, counselor to Donald Trump, bought on Benton Place, NW over the weekend. This is the only house that has recently sold on the secluded street.

The house has been on and off the market for years, and was once listed for nearly $20 million. It was previously owned by the former acting prime minister of Pakistan, who died last year. Its relatively private location and half-acre of land make it an ideal in-town spot for Secret Service to secure. Plus, the neighborhood is already home to tight security. Hillary Clinton lives less than a half-mile away, as does Trump’s Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

Everyone directly involved in the sale of the house is bound by a confidentiality agreement—another potentially telling detail. No one is talking. Reached this morning, Samu Qureshi—son of the former Pakistan prime minister who owned the house—declined repeatedly to say whether Conway is the buyer, citing the confidentiality agreement.

Conway disclosed that she and her husband own assets worth as much as $39.3 million, so the home’s price tag is certainly within reach. The mansion has eight bedrooms, 11.5 bathrooms, and a pool. It clocks in at nearly 15,000 square feet.

Developer Jim Abdo is a neighbor. If the buyer does turn out to be Conway, he says: “We would welcome anyone to our neighborhood. It’s a very special place.”

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