The Ultimate Roundup of Beer and Shot Combos Around Washington

$14 cocktails are delicious, but these deals are easier on your bank account.

Illustration by DenPotisev, via iStock.

Want to get a little sloshed on the cheap? We’re here to help with a roundup of beer and shot specials around the District. Georgia Avenue rules the economical drinking scene, but we’ve found plenty of great options across the city too.

Petworth/Columbia Heights  

Red Derby
3718 14th St., NW
The Derby has a whole section of beer and shot combos, including an off-menu bartender’s choice option with a no complaints, no refunds policy. Colorfully named pairs range in price from $6 for a Tecate and tequila to a $12 DC Brau Corruption and cognac.

Wonderland Ballroom
1101 Kenyon St., NW
For $6, try the Cream and Beam combo— a can of Genesee Cream Ale and a shot of Jim Beam.

Looking Glass Lounge
3634 Georgia Ave., NW
Go for the classic $6 Natty Boh with Jim Beam, or try the new $7 HRC combo in honor of Hillary Clinton—a Miller High Life with a shot of Rye Overholt.

DC Reynolds
3628 Georgia Ave., NW
Two great $10 options here: Port City Wit with Traverse City Bourbon or Jack Rabbit Milk Stout with Jameson Caskmates.

Union Drinkery
3216 Georgia Ave., NW
On Mondays, you can get wings, beer, and a shot for only $12.

Slash Run
201 Upshur St., NW
There’s a small menu of combo options ranging in fanciness from the Industry Standard—a $7 Natty Boh Tallboy and an Old Overholt Rye—to the $11 Acapulco Heat, an Astra Grapefruit Radler accompanied by a Corralejo Anejo tequila. 

2917 Georgia Ave., NW
Probably the best deal in DC: $6 gets you a PBR, a shot of Jim Beam, and a hot dog.

Lou’s City Bar
1400 Irving St., NW
Come for the $7 Natty Boh and Jim Beam, stay to cheer on the home team. (Badger and Husky fans, you already know.)

Acre 121
1400 Irving St., NW
The happy hour menu of this barbecue joint features a $7 Jim Beam and Genesee Cream Ale combo.

The Airedale
3605 14th St., NW
Soccer heads (and everyone else) can get a $10 shot of Jeppson’s Malort paired with a can of Stiegl Radler.

U Street/Shaw

1334 U St., NW
This unapologetic dive offers a generous shot of rail whiskey and a can of PBR, Natty Boh, or Genesee Cream Ale for only $6.

Desperados Burgers and Bar*
1342 U St., NW
If you have faith in your bartender, try the $6 Natty Boh, PBR, or Genesee Cream Ale accompanied by a “mystery shot” and mixer.

American Ice Company
917 V St., NW
Throw back an Astro can and a shot of rye whisky for $6.

Eat the Rich
1839 7th St., NW
Wash down your $1 happy hour oysters with the $5 Bud N’ Dub—a Bud Light mini and a shot of Evan Williams Bottled in Bond bourbon.

Solly’s Tavern
1942 11th St., NW
Keeping with its no-nonsense style, Solly’s offers three combos: PBR and Powers Irish Whisky for $8, Natty Boh and Old Overholt for $9, and DC Brau and Jameson for $10.

Left Door
1345 S St., NW
Back to the basics: $10 amber ale and whiskey, both bartender’s choice.


Dew Drop Inn
2801 8th St., NE
This fine establishment offers the $7 Gilly Combo, consisting of a can of beer and a shot of whiskey.

H Street Northeast

Rock & Roll Hotel
1353 H St., NE
The $6 PBR and rail whiskey combo isn’t fancy, but it will get ya dancing.

400 H St., NE
On Saturday and Sunday after 10 pm, you can find rotating $5 and $10 beer and shot combos.


The Pub & The People
1648 North Capitol St., NW
The $6 “Family Banquet” combo is Coors Banquet beer and Old Grand-Dad bourbon.

Showtime Bar
113 Rhode Island Ave., NW
Try the $5 COMB’OH (Natty Boh and whisky) or the $6 Tecate and tequila.

Boundary Stone
116 Rhode Island Ave., NW
Get a DC Brau Public and a shot of Jameson for $8.

Navy Yard 

Scarlet Oak
909 New Jersey Ave., SE
The $9 909 Triple Play is Jameson, a can of PBR, and a shot of pickle juice.

The Big Stick Brats & Brew
20 M St., SE
Starting at 10 pm every night, get an 
Astra Can and Old Overholt whiskey shot for $6.

Adams Morgan 

Jack Rose Dining Saloon
2007 18th St., NW
The $14 Harvey Fry consists of an IPA and an Islay Scotch.

The Blaguard
2003 18th St., NW
Enjoy a tall boy and rye whisky for only $6.

Capitol Hill 

Barrel Bar
613 Pennsylvania Ave., SE
Traditionally minded drinkers should go for Shift Drink (Narragansett and Mellow Corn whiskey) or the World’s Best Dad (Bud Heavy and Old Grand-Dad), while those who want something lighter should try the fruity IPA Spritz or the perplexingly-named What Noise Annoys an Oyster (Bud Ice with very current Green Chartreuse). Did we mention these combos come with a toy?

Logan Circle 

1414 14th St., NW
The small combo menu here ranges in price from the Regular Joe, a $10 Atlas Common and Evan Williams Single Barrel whiskey, to the $20 Smoking Monkey, a Victory Golden Monkey and High West Campfire whiskey.

Ivy City

Big Chief
2002 Fenwick St., NE
There are seven combo options here, including The Realest ($10 for a Kirin Ichiban and Jack Daniels) and The Ivy ($13 for a Port City Optimal Wit tallboy and Civic Vodka).

Takoma Park

6939 Laurel Ave., Takoma Park
Try the off-menu, late-night $5 Bing Bing—a shot of Jim Beam and Natty Boh—or the $8 Johnny Blaze with Bulleit rye and a 10 oz. pour of whatever craft beer is on tap.

Did we forget your favorite combo? Let us know in the comments and we’ll add it to the list!

Julie Strupp is an editorial fellow. Before Washingtonian, she did francophone video, radio, and photography projects addressing gender-based violence in Togo, West Africa with Peace Corps. She worked at the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism and AllAfrica and has contributed to Mic, Center for Public Integrity, DCist, and more. Now a proud Petworth-dweller, she’s also a University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate who loves judo, biking, art, and keeping the powerful accountable.