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When Are We Going to See DC Resident Barack Obama in DC?

It feels like the former President has been everywhere but here.

What are we, chopped liver?

When Barack and Michelle Obama announced they were sticking around DC, those of us who live here imagined seeing them around town. Barack browsing at Kramerbooks and draining jumpers at the Y. Michelle bouncing between urban gardens and SoulCycle. Together, skipping lines at Bad Saint and Red Hen.

Yeah, not so much. Sure, they were spotted in Ocean Prime Friday, and Michelle Obama made some high school students incredibly happy last month. But as the former President begins the public phase of his former presidency, those of us who don’t have sweet rentals in Kalorama have to ask: Why are our new most-famous neighbors hardly ever around?

Here he is in Palm Springs 🙁


Not so relaxing there, IS IT?

What real Washingtonians would choose the British Virgin Islands over DC in February? 



Oh hey, great, he’s in New York City. No ex-Presidents ever go THERE.  

BRB, gotta make a stop in French Polynesia.

Book leave can be tough, so they brought over a few friends.

After a few weeks of island life, it was time to wade back into politics. French politics.

After Monday’s town-hall meeting at UChicago, Barack Obama will pick up a “Profile in Courage” award at the Kennedy library, and pal around with Angela Merkel at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate

He’ll be back eventually. 

Just don’t expect to see any dad jeans.

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