Cheap Eats 2017: Chercher

The vegetarian deluxe platter at Chercher. Photo by Scott Suchman

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DC’s Little Ethiopia, around Ninth and U streets, boasts many tasty spots. But Alemayehu Abebe’s cooking offers a reason to stray a few blocks south. In a subterranean rowhouse dining room, the vegetarian deluxe platter features ten dishes including stellar classics (spicy lentils, garlicky tomatoes) and unusual finds, such as sunflower-juice-soaked injera. That said, don’t miss the meats—especially the soulful bone-in lamb stew (yebeg wat),  whose ginger-and-cardamom-laced sauce demands mopping with extra injera. Look for a new Arlington branch with a wine bar later this year. Also good: Doro wat; kitfo.