Cheap Eats 2017: Conbini Cafe by Uzu

About Conbini Cafe by Uzu

1309 5th St NE
Washington, DC 20002

Chef Hiro Mitsui’s cafe—which recently moved from Shopkeepers Gallery and will temporarily land in Union Market’s Honeycomb Grocer in August—always surprises us with its Japanese comfort fare. Never tried omucurry? Neither had we, and we fell hard for the deeply satisfying omelet and rice smothered in yellow curry. Ditto for oyakodon, a dashi-soup-meets-rice bowl with poached chicken, scrambled egg, and dill. Okonomiyaki is exceptional—a crisp-edged vegetable pancake zigzagged with punchy house-made barbecue sauce and Kewpie mayo. Also good: Tonpeiyaki, omelet with barbecue sauce; curry rice with pork belly.