Cheap Eats 2017: Marib

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If you’ve never tried Yemeni food, think sizzling stews, slow-roasted meats, tandoor-baked wheels of bread, cooling yogurt dishes, and salsa-like sauces. A good gateway into the cuisine is haneeth, super-tender lamb served over fragrant rice, then topped with fried onions. We’re hooked on a bubbling shredded-beef-and-tomato stew known as fahsa as well as an herb-yogurt-and-injera “salad” called shafout, with pieces of a spongy injera-like bread. Eggs are also a staple of the Yemeni diet, so don’t miss susi, a savory dish reminiscent of French-toast casserole. Also good: Baba ghanoush; saltah, a stew of potatoes, tomatoes, and okra.