Cheap Eats 2017: Rice Paper–Taste of Vietnam

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On weekends, it’s common you’ll find a line out the door at this Eden Center eatery. Credit an expansive, crowd-pleasing menu and a warmly lit dining room set to John Mayer tunes that offers more ambiance than many of its neighbors. All the hits are here, and presented beautifully: tasty bowls of pho crowned with basil; citrus-laced salads; and vermicelli platters heaped with barbecue meats. But seek out the menu’s lesser-known finds, such as ultra-crunchy “rocket shrimp” rolled in taro and puffed rice, plus a world of soups beyond pho—try crab-and-shrimp cake with fat noodles. Also good: Grilled beef in grape leaves; clay pot with clams.