Cheap Eats 2017: To Sok Jip

Cheap Eats 2017: To Sok Jip
Army stew—with ramen noodles and hot dogs—at To Sok Jip. Photo by Scott Suchman.

Lines often spill out the door at this tiny Korean comfort-food spot. To speed up service, the staff takes your order while you’re waiting and dishes hit the table as soon as you sit down. If a server warns, “That’s too much food,” she’s not joking. A seafood-and-green-onion pancake the size of a Domino’s pizza surpasses its rivals with a hash-brown-like crispiness and generous stuffing of octopus. Soups and stews are also specialties, particularly boodae jeon gol, or “army stew,” a concoction of ramen noodles, rice cakes, kimchee, and hot dogs (it works, we swear). Also good: Bo ssam, slices of pork with cabbage and daikon kimchee; broiled mackerel.

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