How I Got This Body: Losing Just ONE Pound to Totally Change How I Look and Feel

All photographs courtesy Carissa Seligman.

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Who I am: Carissa Seligman (@CarissaSweatstagram), 29, a technology consultant from Shaw

What inspired me: “I spent the majority of my life dancing. I was a dance major in college, but somewhere along the way physical movement became ‘work’ and ‘exercise’ to me. From that point, I exercised sporadically. Until one day, I was talking with a friend and acknowledged that physical movement made me happy, but I wasn’t doing much of it. I had seen some content on Instagram that inspired me, so I created my own fitness page for motivation and accountability. I’m still in awe today of that community and what it has given me.”

How I changed: “One thing I learned through this process is that weight loss is not necessarily a sign of fitness. From the time I began focusing on my health to now, I have lost maybe one pound. What’s even more interesting than that though, is that I look very different. Based on what I see in side by side photos, I can tell that I have gained a lot of lean muscle mass while losing fat. Today, I can move in ways I never knew I could. I lift heavy, run fast, and most importantly, keep going.”

One thing I learned through this process is that weight loss is not necessarily a sign of fitness.

My workout plan: “I started my transformation doing the at home workout ‘Bikini Body Guide’ by Kayla Itsines. I have seen the most change in my body by going to classes five days a week at MADabolic in Arlington. The focus of the workouts at MADabolic is everyday strength and athleticism. I also enjoy a long run or a spin class one day a week.”

My healthy eating plan: “I used to track calories and go through phases of starving myself then bingeing. That is not effective or maintainable. Thankfully, I learned about Whole 30 at MADabolic, and did the program myself March of 2017. From there, I have maintained a diet that mostly follows Paleo guidelines. I do not eat dairy, grains, or processed sugars.”

How I stuck to my goals: “Surrounding myself with a community of like-minded people has been the most helpful tool. We push each other. We encourage each other. And we hold each other accountable.”

How I feel now: “More than anything now, I am thankful for my body. I used to treat my body pretty terribly because I cared so much more about how I looked than how I felt. I now feel like my mind and body are working together, and that makes me feel peaceful.”

One piece of advice: “Start today. Don’t wait for the first, or a Monday, or until you get back from this trip or that event. If you really want to do it, just start.”

This interview has been edited and condensed. 

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