Gluten-Free Crackers, Turmeric Milk, and Tacos: What a Food Blogger With Celiac Disease Really Eats in a Day

Stephanie Wilkes, the blogger and Instagrammer behind @DCGlutenFree. All photographs courtesy Wilkes.

Stephanie Wilkes loved food long before she started her food blog and Instagram account, @DCGlutenFree. It wasn’t until after discovering that she has Celiac Disease in 2015 that she started digging around Washington for the best gluten-free food that would be safe for her to consume. The discovery of her condition also prompted her to think differently about how she chose her food: Rather than just focusing on how many calories a dish has, Wilkes emphasizes foods that promote good gut health.

“When I found out I had Celiac Disease in 2015, I had to make a shift in how I was eating,” says Wilkes. “The focus went toward foods that support digestive health and prevent inflammation in the body.”

To see what kind of gluten-free foods Wilkes eats on a typical day, take a look through her food diary below.


Cottage cheese with live cultures, blueberries, and honey.

Since I find that I’m not very hungry in the early morning, I make sure the small meal that I eat is jam packed with healthy stuff: probiotics, protein, antioxidants, etc.,” says Wilkes. 

Morning Snack

Tumeric Golden-Milk and nut mix.

I am a big fan of hanger prevention. Nuts and seeds are my go-to for keeping me from getting to that place,” says Wilkes. “I always measure out my serving, though. If I don’t, I will inevitably over-do it. Turmeric is something I rely on everyday as a way to prevent inflammation in the body. This turmeric milk is a delicious, sweet treat (by the way, I find that the golden milks I try to DIY never taste as good as this one), but if I’m not having it in drink form, I take it in a capsule.”


Vegetable + Butcher bowl.

I have recently fallen in love with this local delivery service called Vegetable and Butcher. As much as I love cooking, I don’t always have time. I feel good about eating healthy food with really well sourced ingredients, like this brown rice bowl with veggies, avocado, and tahini dressing.”

Afternoon Snack

Gluten-free graham crackers and dark chocolate-covered ginger.

I crave sweets in the afternoon. I find that if I deny myself a little afternoon treat, all bets are off later on,” says Wilkes. “I do my best to fit in some nutrition when I go for that sugar, though. Ginger is great for your digestive system and dark chocolate is officially healthy, so I have to fit a little in every day.”


Tacos at Oyamel.

“Since I run an Instagram account about gluten free food, I find myself eating out a lot. For me, dinner usually happens at a place that I am checking out for @DCglutenfree,” says Wilkes. “I make a big effort to eat healthy in the early part of my day to counter balance my restaurant visits. Here, I went for fish tacos.”

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