3 Meditation Apps to Help You Sleep Better

These meditation apps nurture mindfulness and provide tools for drifting off to sleep.

Screenshot courtesy of Calm.

1. Calm

Cost: Free content is limited. Paid plans are $15 a month or $70 a year. A lifetime membership costs $400.

How it works: Answer a survey to home in on the best content for your needs, whether you’re looking to focus better or to minimize stress. Tap through guided meditations and mindfulness tips.

For sleep: Dream of nodding off to Harry Styles’s voice? The singer is one of many celebrities narrating bedtime stories.

Bonus: Track your daily mood and moments of gratitude on the app.


Screenshot courtesy of Headspace.

2. Headspace

Cost: $13 a month or $70 a year. Student and family plans are available.

How it works: For those new to meditation, guided exercises walk through the essentials, and all sessions are no more than 20 minutes. A badge system charts your progress, helping build habits.

For sleep: You’ll receive a different “sleepcast” each night featuring audio-­guided tours of dreamy landscapes designed to lull you to slumber.

Bonus: The app also offers yoga classes.


Screenshot courtesy of Insight Timer.

3. Insight Timer

Cost: The app is free, but extra features are available for $60 a year.

How it works: Complete a questionnaire to curate meditations, talks, and music tracks that fit your lifestyle. The extensive audio library has 140,000 files to explore.

For sleep: In addition to relaxing sounds for bedtime, a series of audio courses cover strategies for falling asleep.

Bonus: There’s a collection dedicated to kid-friendly stories and meditations.


This article appears in the January 2023 issue of Washingtonian.

Damare Baker
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