How I Got This Body: Saying “No” to Artificial Sweeteners and Signing Up for My First Half Marathon

Photographs courtesy Elizabeth Himel.

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Who I am: Elizabeth Himel, 28, dental student at Howard University College from Brookland

What inspired me: “I avoided cameras for a long time, but unfortunately a series of unflattering pictures taken over the Fourth of July weekend made their way to my Facebook page, and I could no longer avoid the cold hard truth. I am someone who thrives off goals, so that very day I signed up for the Baltimore Running Festival. That day was July 27, 2016, and I had a little under three months to train for my first half marathon.”

How long it took: “Initially six months to lose the weight [Himel lost 36 pounds], but I’ve concentrated on maintenance and body composition (from fat to muscle) the last three months.”

My exercise plan: “While training for a race, I run three times to five times a week with Zengo Cycle for my cross-training days. I could spin everyday if my wallet would allow for it. Figuring out what works best for you is key. I get bored easily, so I love circuits. I downloaded several apps like Seconds and Couch to Half Marathon that really helped me focus on my training. Essentially what I have learned is the more movement the better.”

My healthy eating plan: “Absolutely no artificial sweeteners. I’d rather have a real soda (not too often) than touch the stuff again. I also cut alcohol from my diet. With the constant stress of my profession, there are too many days that I could end with a glass of wine. One glass turns two and two glasses turns to a couple pounds a month. I avoid eating out as much as I can and bring my lunch every day. It’s too easy to eat whatever when you are hungry.”

Essentially what I have learned is the more movement the better.

How I stuck to my goals: “I read once that if you physically write a to-do list down you are 40 percent more likely to finish the goal. So that’s what I do, and it works.”

How my perception changed: “If I glanced over or took a selfie and looked fat, it could ruin my entire day. Now I love taking pictures and focus on enjoying myself not how I look.”

One piece of advice: “Consistency is key, and every meal and every workout is a new chance to get it right if you didn’t before.”

 This interview has been edited and condensed.
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