Party Like a Wizard at This Harry Potter-Themed Bar

The butterbeer will be flowing.

Butterbeer at "A Very Potter Tavern." Photo courtesy Town Tavern.

It’s been a full decade since the last Harry Potter book was released, but muggle mania for the series is far from dead. From October 5 through Halloween, Town Tavern in Adams Morgan will become “A Very Potter Tavern,” hosting a series of wizard-themed festivities.

For years, the bar has hosted at least one Harry Potter-themed weekend, but patrons (and the tavern’s Potter-loving staff) wanted more than just a few days of magic. The entire month will be jam-packed with activities, competitions, food, and elixirs for wannabe sorcerers.

On Fridays and Saturdays starting at 11 PM, patrons can put on their best dress robes and dance the night away in the tavern’s “Great Hall” where a DJ will play both Top 40 jams and Harry Potter soundtrack remixes. Potter-themed comedy shows and roasts performed by Capital Laughs and other comedians will add some Hogwarts humor into the mix. And though there will be no flying broomsticks, Town Tavern will provide custom equipment and mini goal rings for Quidditch-style ping pong tournaments.

Also expect Potter paint nights, a selfie station with a backdrop of Platform 9 ¾, and family-friendly events featuring a magician.

Themed drinks have names like Felix Felicis potion, unicorn blood, polyjuice potion, and muggle mules. A Honeydukes sweet shop stand will serve an array of enchanting treats, including jelly slugs, chocolate frogs, and Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans, of course. 

Town Tavern’s owner Gracie Anderson says pre-sale tickets for many of the events have sold out already, but night-of tickets will be available at the door. To accommodate the number of customers who want to join in on all the magic, the tavern is planning to add more events to the calendar, so stay tuned 

Costumes are encouraged, but weapons, three-headed dogs, basilisks, and dark magic are strictly forbidden.

Town Tavern. 2323 18th St., NW. 202-387-8696.

Erika Huber
Editorial Fellow

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