The 10 Highest Kindergarten Tuitions Around DC

The 10 Highest Kindergarten Tuitions Around DC
Sidwell Friends in Bethesda. Photograph via Wikimedia Commons.

These are among Washington’s ten most expensive private day schools for kindergarten based on tuition. All are coed.

1. $40,840

Sidwell Friends, Bethesda

2. $35,975

Beauvoir, Northwest DC

3. $35,450

Lowell, Northwest DC

4. $35,260

Washington International School, Northwest DC

5. $34,764

Georgetown Day, Northwest DC

6. $34,440

Potomac School, McLean

7. $33,850

Sheridan, Northwest DC

8. $32,775

Maret, Northwest DC

9. $32,500

Bullis, Potomac

10. $32,040

Flint Hill, Oakton

This article appears in the October 2017 issue of Washingtonian.

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Kim Olsen
Assistant Editor

Kim Olsen joined Washingtonian in 2016 after moving to DC from Pittsburgh, where she earned an MFA in nonfiction writing at the University of Pittsburgh. She lives in Alexandria.