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October 2017: Explore the Shenandoah

Photograph by Mon Zamora.

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Explore the Shenandoah

Photograph by Elyse V. Clark.
Photograph by Elyse V. Clark.

Fall is the most beautiful season to venture into Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley and Shenandoah National Park. Here are our favorite things to see and do—many of which are easy day trips from the city. Edited by Sherri Dalphonse.


Live From DC

Photo-Illustration by Mike McQuade.
Photo-Illustration by Mike McQuade.

It’s been a long time since Saturday Night Live felt so relevant: We’ve gone from a Pres­ident who seemed impossible to parody to, well, Donald Trump. A look back at the show’s top 25 Washington sketches of all time. By Benjamin Freed and Rosa Cartagena.

The Dark Side of An Ice-Cream Empire

Photograph courtesy of Andrew Gifford.
Photograph courtesy of Andrew Gifford.

For generations of Washingtonians, the Gifford family’s ice-cream business was synonymous with wholesome fun. Now a memoir by the last surviving member of the dynasty says the real history was more sinister than anyone knew. By Ashley Powers.

Ed Reckoning

Photograph by J. Lawler Duggan/Washington Post via Getty Images/
Photograph by J. Lawler Duggan/Washington Post via Getty Images

In another time and place, Ed Gillespie’s brand of establishment conservatism could have been enough to propel him to the Virginia governor’s mansion. In the age of Trump, it might be his biggest obstacle. By Simon van Zuylen-Wood.


Photograph by Angela B. Pan.
The lobby ceiling at the Museum of the Bible features a 140-foot LED screen with changing images. Photograph by Angela B. Pan.

Cross PurposesThe Museum of the Bible will bring religion near the Mall. Does it belong there?

Xbox Wizard: We challenged NBA star Bradley Beal to a game of basketball—on his couch.

Source of DebateTwitter star Claude Taylor says he has juicy inside info about Trump investigations. Should we take him seriously?

Pier Pressure: Who said building a gigantic, ambitious retail-and-residential project like the Wharf would be easy?


Photograph courtesy of MGM National Harbor.
Photograph of Chris Rock courtesy of MGM National Harbor.

The 17 performances, exhibits, and other things worth your time this month.


Interview: Meet the Obama-era insider running American University.

Photograph by Library of Congress/The Crowley Company.
1940s “government girls” arriving at a residence hall in Arlington. Photograph by Library of Congress/The Crowley Company.

Washington Read: The story of women codebreakers during World War II captures a Washington moment that still reverberates.

Cityscape: Whither the gayborhood?

Most Powerful Women: Washington’s most influential women in government, business, law, education, media, nonprofits, and the arts.


Photograph by Jeff Elkins.
New oversize bags—such as this faux-mohair number by Dries Van Noten ($1,125 at Relish)—combine the roominess of a tote with the flair of a handbag. Photograph by Jeff Elkins

Arm CandyTotes that don’t sacrifice details, function, or style.

Chins UpWhy more men are getting cosmetic injections to create stronger jawlines.

Private SchoolsPrivate preschools are judging the character of applicants as well as their aptitude.


Photograph by Scott Suchman.
The lunchtime dim sum sampler at Bethesda’s Q by Peter Chang. Photograph by Scott Suchman

Q By Peter Chang: The famed Chinese chef puts down roots in Bethesda.

Mr. Momo: A former Blue Duck Tavern server brings a taste of Nepal to Del Ray.

Quick Takes: First impressions of three new seafood-focused restaurants.

Wharf Tour: What’s coming to DC’s new restaurant hub.

Oatmeal Soufflé: How to make the Hay-Adams hotel’s genius breakfast confection.

Dish of the MonthThe Riggsby’s Pot Brownie Sundae.

Brash Landing: The “most hated restauranteur in America” comes to DC.


Photograph by Jeff Elkins.
Photograph by Jeff Elkins

Kitchens: Inside the homes of kitchen pros, accessories to make your cooking-and-eating space shine, and resources for remodeling.

Best of Alexandria: Where to eat, shop, and explore right now.

Pets: How 400 neighbors created a dog park.

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