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January 2020: Hidden Gems

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Hidden Gems

Leave the obvious stuff to the tourists—here are quirky museums, secret bars, behind-the-scenes tours, and other reasons to stray off the beaten path. Edited by Sherri Dalphonse.


Tiffany’s Town

Photograph of Trump by Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images.

She’s the Trump you never see around Washington and rarely hear about. Now she’s close to graduating from Georgetown Law. What’s her time here been like, and will she stay? By Amanda Whiting.

The Most Woke Theater in Washington

Photograph by Lauren Bulbin

Maria Manuela Goyanes, the first woman of color to lead a major DC theater, is pushing Woolly Mammoth into even edgier territory. It’s not always comfortable. By Rosa Cartagena.

Washingtonians of the Year

Photograph by Jeff Elkins

Eleven locals who help make Washington a better place for everyone. By Leslie Milk and Anna Spiegel.


I’s Without a Face: Anonymity is having a moment. Are secret identities something to celebrate? By Anonymous.

A White House Cat Burglar?: A rash of alleged press-room thefts has reporters searching for a thief. By Benjamin Wofford.

Troll Road: A controversial highway adopter says he’s not out to irk his blue neighbors. By Andrew Beaujon.


The 18 performances, exhibits, and other events that are worth your time this month.

Photograph courtesy of Girls Gotta Eat.


Photograph by Lauren Bulbin

Interview: Can AU professor Allan Lichtman see the future? Interview by Benjamin Wofford.

Culture: The local art-gallery scene is in flux. By Ian Bourland.

Cityscape: Reagan National’s new terminal will be an upgrade—and a missed opportunity. By Andrew Pressman.


Photograph by Julianne Karr.

My First Car: Robert Albritton, Eleanor Holmes Norton, and other boldfacers recall their first rides.

Snow Days: Our favorite places to ski, all within a short drive. By Matthew Graham.


Photograph by Noah Willman.

The Everything Gym: Inside the St. James, the 450,000-square-foot mega-gym in Springfield. By Cathy Alter.

Status Symbol: The $600 umbrella.

Back on Your Feet: Washington’s top podiatrists. By Sherri Dalphonse.


Photograph by Jeff Elkins

Emilie’s: Former Himitsu chef Kevin Tien goes big on Capitol Hill. By Ann Limpert.

The Discerning Drinker’s Guide to Not Drinking: Here’s how to (not) drink your way through Washington in style. By Anna Spiegel and Jessica Sidman.


Photograph by Jenn Verrier Photography.

When a Little Goes a Long Way: Spaces that prove small changes can have a major impact. By Jennifer Sergent.

Pets: Why cat cafes are having a moment. By Mimi Montgomery.


The Cauliflower Crisis: Okay, it was more serious than that–my family was at stake. By Anna Marina Savvidis.