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December 2019: Made in DC

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Made in DC

Artisans are creating bourbon and beauty products, handbags and hot sauce, clothing and jewelry. In time for the holidays, here are the coolest things being made here right now. By Anna Spiegel and Hayley Garrison Phillips.


What’s Eating Reston?

Photograph courtesy of Reston Historic Trust & Museum.

It was once the ideal suburb—lauded for its architectural ingenuity and demo­graphic diversity. Fifty years later, as that ideal proves elusive, Restonians are locked in an uncivil war over the town’s future. By Benjamin Wofford.

The Mueller Effect Is Already Here

Photo-illustration by Israel Vargas.

The Russia probe dragged a corner of the swamp into the light: foreign-influence peddling. K Street opera­tors dish on how they flouted the law and how the business is changing. By Luke Mullins.

Apocalypse Town!

Illustrations by Diego Patino.

Is the end really nigh? Who’s already prepping? Where could you hide out? A guide for locals who fall somewhere between peripherally paranoid and doomsday-curious. By Rosa Cartagena and Lila Thulin.


Photograph by Samuel Corum/Getty Images.

Not Real Fans?!: The Nats are World Series champs. Some cynics refuse to let us just be happy. By Andrew Beaujon.

Do We Need a National Bureau of Privacy?A Georgetown professor wants to create a federal data-protection agency to better safeguard citizens’ sensitive information. By Luke Mullins.

Beret of HopeThe social event of the season: getting arrested with Jane Fonda. By Rosa Cartagena.

Night at the NewseumNow that it’s closing, what happens to its artifacts? By Luke Mullins.


The 23 performances, exhibits, and other events that are worth your time this month.

Photograph of Halsey by Aidan Cullen.


Writer Kate Bennett digs into the other Trump in the White House. Photograph by Jeff Elkins

InterviewThe author of a dishy new biography tries to explain Melania Trump. By Andrew Beaujon.

CultureA Takoma Park dance studio is helping put together an Olympic breakdancing team. By Will Peischel.


Doing GoodHow 22 local charities actually use your donation to make an impact. By Sherri Dalphonse.

Top Financial AdvisersOur roundup of 241 money pros—plus a peek into what it means to be wealthy in Washington. By Sherri Dalphonse.


Photograph by Lauren Bulbin

At Home With the Trendsetters: Inside the residences of home-decor shopkeepers. By Jennifer Barger.

Legal Drama: Acting school—for attorneys. By Debra Bruno.

Top Divorce Lawyers: The folks to see for prenups, splits, and custody cases.

Off the Market: The month’s luxury home sales.


Hot PlatesThe 27 dishes our food editors loved the most in 2019. By Ann Limpert and Anna Spiegel.

And the Winners Are . . . For the 42nd year, readers voted on the best places to eat. By Ann Limpert.


Not-Yet-Bald ambition: Bezos, around when he and the author first crossed paths. Photograph by Jim Lott/Seattle Times.

Some Guy Named JeffWe met in ’95 when he had a lame-looking website called Amazon. By Craig Stoltz.