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Trump Staffers Are Throwing Yet Another Election Anniversary Party at DC’s Trump Hotel

This time featuring Eric Trump.

Photograph via ABC/Ida Mae Astute.

It’s been nearly a month since the first anniversary of Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton, but his supporters aren’t done celebrating.

Tonight, a mix of White House officials and campaign staffers will congregate in the Trump International Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue for a yet another “victory celebration,” according to an invitation shared with Washingtonian. An administration official says that Eric Trump will be speaking. “I’m sure something interesting will be said given that we’re rarely all in the same room together,” says the source, adding that the group will be meeting in “a ballroom.” Back on November 8—the election’s actual anniversary—Florida socialite Jill Kelley threw a one-year-later party featuring Donald Trump Jr. and other members of the President’s 2016 campaign team.

The invitation for tonight offers little information by way of such crucial matters as refreshments. “But I believe there is an open bar,” says the source. “Food would be nice, but we really just care about the booze in the end.” Touché.

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