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Three New DC Monuments Are in the Works. A Status Update

Where things stand with the Desert Storm memorial and others.

A proposal for the Desert Storm memorial.

National World War I Memorial

The proposal: In the works since the early 2010s, this privately funded memorial will be located in Pershing Park. Federal officials rejected an earlier plan to put it on the Mall.

The latest: Progress has been slow, with details still being tweaked. Despite a groundbreaking ceremony last fall, an additional $30 million is needed to begin construction.

National Desert Storm War Memorial

The proposal: Approved by Congress last year, it’s now in search of funding, a location, and a final design. One leading concept features a coiled wall made from Kuwaiti limestone that symbolizes the “left hook” maneuver that ended the war so swiftly.

The latest: The private group steering the project has targeted a field at 23rd Street and Constitution Avenue, Northwest, but that spot is beloved by rugby and Ultimate Frisbee fans.

National Global War on Terrorism Memorial

The proposal: Though a law bars approval of new memorials until at least ten years after a conflict ends, Congress made an exception for this last August.

The latest: An advisory board is pushing for a site on the Mall, but legislation dictates only that it be in DC or “environs.” While that gets sorted out, boosters can pick up “Global War on Terror Memorial Foundation” T-shirts and hats on the group’s website.

This article appeared in the May 2018 issue of Washingtonian.