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Is Your Company One of Washington’s Best Places to Work?

Now is your chance to tell us about your workplace—fill out this Great Places to Work application

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Love the place you spend every 9 to 5? Think it could be one of the 50 best places to work in Washington?

Then fill out this application for the next Great Places to Work contest—but hurry, the application is due October 5, 2018. Any company or organization that wishes to be considered for the Great Places to Work list simply needs to fill out this application. Only one application is needed per company, and it should be filled out by someone who can serve as the company’s official spokesperson—which is often someone in human resources, marketing, communications, or recruiting. (PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU ARE SIMPLY LOOKING TO NOMINATE YOUR EMPLOYER, BUT YOU ARE NOT DOING THIS IN AN OFFICIAL CAPACITY, PLEASE DO NOT FILL OUT THIS FORM—WHICH REQUIRES ACCESS TO A LOT OF DATA YOU PROBABLY WILL NOT HAVE. INSTEAD, SEND AN EMAIL TO

In mid-October, a separate and shorter employee survey will be distributed to each company that filled out the first application. (Companies may distribute the employee surveys directly, or Washingtonian will do it. The percentage of staff that needs to be surveyed varies by company size. A company with fewer than 100 employees would need roughly 40-50% of its employees to complete the survey; the larger the firm, the lower the percentage. Employee surveys will be due by November 19.)

The Great Places to Work contest is open to any company or nonprofit as long as it has an office in the greater Washington area. There is no cost to participate. Companies must have at least ten full-time employees to be considered.

Winners of the next Great Places to Work competition will be notified in March 2019; the article will be published in the May 2019 issue, which will hit newsstands in late April.

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