Here’s Why Sweetgreen Is Switching to Hexagonal Bowls

Goodbye, round bowls

Sweetgreen's new hexagonal bowls. Photo courtesy Sweetgreen.

Frustrated by long lunch lines at Sweetgreen? The local salad chain has a new solution: hexagonal bowls.

Huh? Here’s why: The new compostable containers are slightly larger than the old ones. So now, Sweetgreen can get rid of the metal mixing bowls, resulting in faster service (less time shoveling the salad from one vessel to another) and less waste. The company estimates it will save more than half a million pounds of food from being thrown out and reduce water consumption by eliminating the need to wash the mixing bowls. Bonus: It’s a lot easier to mix the ingredients yourself if you get your salad for pick-up.

The new containers first launched in New York and debuted at select DC locations on Tuesday. Expect to find the hexagonal bowls at Sweetgreens nationwide by the end of the year.