José Andrés Is Schooling Donald Trump on Hurricanes (And It’s Great)

Andrés to the rescue, again!

Once again, Twitter is afire after President Trump claimed Democrats falsified the deaths of 3,000 hurricane victims in Puerto Rico “in order to make me look as bad as possible.” And once again, José Andrés has stepped up to the plate.

Trump and Andrés have a notoriously bitter relationship, and Puerto Rico is a familiar battleground. The chef-turned-humanitarian spent over a month on the island after hurricanes Irma and Maria devastated the American territory, serving over 5,000 hot meals like arroz con pollo every day. His new book about the experience, We Fed an Island, dropped on Tuesday.

It all started two days ago, as light of hurricane Florence’s impending arrival, when Trump began boasting about his administration’s response to the previous disasters.

To which Andrés responded in disbelief…

…and criticism.

The feud was resumed after Trump’s tweets on Thursday morning claiming the death toll in Puerto Rico is fake news.

Andrés wasted no time in shooting back a frustrated response, begging Trump to see the error in his ways.

Andrés, as usual, backed up words with action, sending Trump a copy of his new book.

Trump has not yet responded to Andrés’ Tweets.

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