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Washingtonian Today: Supreme Court Drama, Trump Hotel Drama, Whole Foods Drama

Yes, there continues to be a lot of drama.

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Temperate weather and sunshine are meandering into the District of Columbia. How quaint! But I don’t dare call this autumn yet—not until I can drink my warm M.E. Swing’s coffee without sweating to death. With that happy news, good morning Washington, and welcome to the middle of the week.

Things are far less cheery on Capitol Hill, where the fight to install Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court rolls on. Trump’s also got another battle to fight—this one even closer to home. Complainants who believe that Trump International Hotel should have its liquor license revoked are not backing down, despite the DC alcohol board’s recent rejection of their case on procedural grounds. According to an emailed statement from attorney Joshua A. Levy, the Make Integrity Great Again Campaign will continue to lobby the Alcohol Control Board (ABC) and not wait until next year, as ABC suggested.

Also, Glover Park residents really want their Whole Foods back. As a resident of Navy Yard, the newest location for a Whole Foods that is currently being built slower than Rome itself, I stand in solidarity with my brethren from another quadrant(eren?).  

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North Carolina brewery Fonta Flora sources ingredients from local farmers in and around the Appalachian mountains to create beers that reflect their local community. ChurchKey will celebrate this brewery with nine of their beers on draft, including two versions of “kvass” style beers (typically made from rye bread). Free to attend, 4 PM.

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