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We’ve made it to Thursday and what’s set to be an unforgettable day in the District. Remember when the news cycle didn’t dominate every part of life? Me neither. In just a few hours there will be a public hearing on Christine Blasey Ford‘s sexual assault allegations regarding Brett Kavanaugh, and President Trump will probably? maybe? meet with Rod Rosenstein. It’s not on his public schedule, but that’s likely to change. I’ll be reporting live from the hearing, so be sure to follow me on Twitter for rolling updates. Also, it’s going to be cool, rainy, and stormy today. But remember, tomorrow is Friday, and isn’t that just wonderful.

What we have cooking at Washingtonian:

• We chatted with Bill Barbot, who was a freshman during Kavanaugh’s senior year at Georgetown Prep, and asked him about his experience of private prep schools in the ’80s. He offers some eye-opening revelations.

• You, too, can destress from this vicious news cycle like a SoulCycle instructor. Peer inside one of their bags to see how to start.

• Remember yesterday, when I told you that restaurants can’t be apolitical anymore? Well, the American City Diner’s sign must have been listening, because it definitely took a stance.

• Please pause and feast your eyes on the Flower Grannies, the new Golden Girls-esque version of the flower girl. I love them all.

•The Stanley Cup stopped at a local ice cream parlor and you’re going to have to click to find out whether people ate Rocky Road out of it.

Our pick for things to do around the District:

FILM The Library of Congress is screening the original Star Wars trilogy at the Thomas Jefferson Building this weekend: A New Hope on Thursday, The Empire Strikes Back on Friday, and Return of the Jedi on Saturday. There are several other events before each screening: characters in costume on Thursday night, a panel discussion, “The Politics of a Galaxy Far, Far away,” on Friday night, and Star Wars-themed crafts and activities all day Saturday for younger fans. The Whittall Pavilion will host a display of Star Wars materials on Friday and Saturday. Free (advanced registration recommended), films start at 7:30 PM nightly.

Good reads:

Beach Week is a rite of passage for DC area teens. Rachel Kurzius explains what that all means for non-locals. (DCist)

We live in a post-apocalyptic hellscape where people zip around on electric scooters and it looks like not even Arlington is safe. (Washington Post)

Big events from Washingtonian:

Ask our food critic where you should eat to drown out the horrible news cycle her weekly chat.

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