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We Asked Rupi Kaur to Choose a Poem for Washingtonians to Read Right Now

"It's about what's happening in our world today."

Photograph of Kaur courtesy of 9:30 Club.

Because the hugely popular Instagram poet is bringing her inspirational verse to the Lincoln Theatre on October 29-30, we asked Kaur to suggest something Washingtonians might find enlightening. Kaur—who was born in India and now lives in Ontario—picked a poem with particular current resonance. “It’s about the migration experience,” she says. “It’s about roots. It’s about what’s happening in our world today and what’s been happening for so long.”

perhaps we are all immigrants

trading one home for another

first we leave the womb for air

then the suburbs for the filthy city

in search of a better life

some of us just happen to leave entire countries

—Rupi Kaur

Poem courtesy of Andrews McMeel Universal, from Kaur’s book The Sun and Her Flowers

This article appears in the October 2018 issue of Washingtonian.