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What a Shutdown Might Look Like Around Here: About 420,000 federal employees will have to work without pay if the government partially shuts down this week, NPR reports. You’ll still be able to fly, for instance. The TSA will still be at work, as will the DEA, and FBI—albeit without pay. Other agencies, like NASA and the EPA, will be shut. So plan your holiday space walk accordingly.

Are You There Foodgod? It’s Me, Brittany: Many of you may not know Jonathan Cheban, known publicly as the “Foodgod.” Cheban, the best friend of Kim Kardashian West, has made an entire career of eating out 365 days a year and sharing his meals on Instagram. Cheban was spotted at Farmers & Distillers and Filomena a few days ago—but according to the Washington Post, he’s here for more than just nonsense. Sarah Polus reports he’s here to plan “a potential food program for the needy.”

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Nothing but Respect for My Rat Queen: Say hey, what’s up, hello to the National Zoo’s new naked mole-rat queen, who ascended to the top by way of inter-colony carnage.

Deck the Biden With Boughs of Holly: This university student has made a cut-out of Joe Biden into the dorm room’s Christmas tree. Speaking of politically themed trees, have you guys see the “Pelos-Tree” outside Floriana? Yes, there is a tree near Dupont Circle dedicated to the next House speaker and the rest of the women who won office in the midterm elections.

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THEATER The Kennedy Center presents The Play That Goes Wrong, a play-within-a-play style comedy that follows a theater group that attempts to put on a murder mystery. Unfortunately for the group, their production faces mishap after mishap, from an unstable set to forgotten lines and actors who break character. Recommended for ages 8 and up. Through January 6. $49-$149.

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DC public schools are still segregated, reports Jenny Abamu, both by race and by ethnicity. (DCist)

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Correction: This post has been updated to reflect that Jonathan Cheban dined a few days ago, not last night like originally printed.

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