What I’m Wearing: A DC Newcomer With Trendy Turtlenecks and $6 Finds

I’d describe my style as: “This is cute… but is it on sale?"

All photos courtesy of Lizzy Fletcher

Lizzy Fletcher grew up in Damascus, Maryland, and moved to Columbia Heights over Thanksgiving. How has that impacted her style? “I’m not going to lie, it’s hard to find good bargains in DC sometimes,” she says, “especially since I just moved here.”

Still, she’s found her fair share of items below $20 that complete her wardrobe. Fletcher describes her style as: “This is cute… but is it on sale? Oh, hell yes, it’s on sale, we’re getting it!”

Fletcher, 22, works as an assistant account executive at Spectrum Science Communications. After receiving regular compliments at work for her style, she decided to make a fashion-only Instagram account @LooksXLizzy where she posts her trendy work outfits.

“Yes, my coworkers know about it and laugh when they see me going to the bathroom to take my daily outfit pic,” she says.

lizzy fletcher dc fashion
All photos courtesy of Lizzy Fletcher

What I’m wearing in this picture

“The red turtleneck I’m wearing is from Forever 21. (I worked there for two years when I was in college, don’t judge!) The jeans I’m wearing are Banana Republic (I got them for $6 and I tell everyone that.) The belt I’m wearing is also from Banana Republic (also got this for $6, and I tell everyone that, too.) The shoes I’m wearing are Dr. Martens. I got these for $20—YES, TWENTY DOLLARS—from Ross, my not-so-best-kept secret store.”

Sense of style

Edgy, on-trend chic. “I love to get a good deal, but I also love finding unique pieces I can show off.” 

lizzy fletcher dc fashion

Big meeting outfit

I’m all for the dress for the position you want in the future outfit, so I typically wear a suit jacket over a Calvin Klein dress (they’re my favorite dresses for work, by far).”

Commute style strategy

I don’t believe in having different commuting shoes or bags, so I try to find items that function as both. In the winter, I wear my trusty Steve Madden Chelsea boots (we’re in a four-year relationship), and in the summer I wear these pointed flats I bought from Target—which are currently falling apart. I use a large Kate Spade bag that I can throw my laptop into. It’s black, so I use it year-round.”

Favorite item of clothing

Her red turtleneck. “It’s just so cozy and perfect. It actually has a hole on the back of the turtleneck part that keeps slowly getting bigger and bigger… I’m determined to teach myself how to sew just so I can fix it. I’ve also gone on two different first dates with it, so it truly is my go-to.”

lizzy fletcher dc fashion

Least favorite fashion trend

Cheetah print. “I think it may be my own fatal flaw though, because now I feel like I can’t wear it, which is just… sad.”

Three words to describe DC’s style 

Professional, monochrome, city-slicker.

Fashion icon

I draw most of my fashion inspiration from people I see on my way to work, at bars, shopping with me. But if I must pick a person, it’d have to be someone like Lucy Hale or Mitch Grassi from Pentatonix.”

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