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Kirstjen Nielsen’s Farewell Press Conference Inadvertently Advertised a House for Sale

Old Town resident Kirstjen Nielsen gave a farewell press conference Monday to talk about her resignation as Homeland Security secretary. During that event, a camera angle gave some considerable free advertising to a house for sale nearby.

Reached by phone, real estate agent Barbara Johnson says the appearance has netted her all of four phone calls. They’ve lacked the lunacy one might expect after TV cameras blasted your phone number into the universe: “It’s been real estate agencies and settlement companies.”

Johnson says that, though all publicity is good publicity, the listing didn’t particularly need a boost. The house has been on the market for only two weeks and already has three buyers circling. She’s promised to follow up with Washingtonian, which is closely following the fate of this house, once it’s under contract. “My client is kind of happy we won’t have all the Secret Service folks outside,” she says. “It’s good for the neighbors.”

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