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The Washington Post’s Job Page Could Soon Be Part of Pornhub

Photograph by Evy Mages .

Verizon wants to sell Tumblr, according to the Wall Street Journal. Tumblr, where you’ve established at least three blogs that you’ve forgotten about, has had a rough few years since Yahoo purchased it for more than a billion dollars in 2013; it conveyed with Yahoo’s sale to Verizon and has steadily retreated toward “remember-when” status ever since, with a particular decline since it banned porn.

Enter Pornhub, which is very interested in buying Tumblr: Its porn ban left “many individuals without an asylum through which they could comfortably peruse adult content,” a Pornhub vice-president told BuzzFeed News.

Such a sale may complicate one of the best local Tumblrs that’s still being updated: The Washington Post‘s jobs page, the number one source around here to gawk at job titles like “Search Specialist: Travel” and “Multiplatform Editor for Emerging News Products.” Potential candidates for whatever the heck those positions are might be skeezed out by their corporate proximity to Pornhub’s more on-brand offerings. (The news business is still one of adjacencies, after all.)

Post spokesperson tells Washingtonian the potential sale is “something we are monitoring.”

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