4 Ways to Elevate Your Staycation This Summer

While dreams of a summer trip to the Mediterranean or an island escape sound appealing, travel is stressful. After navigating flight cancellations, jetlag, and conflicting travel styles, most of us need a vacation to recover from our vacation.

This year, that all changes. Who says you have to leave town to leave everything behind? With the right menu, you can create a little European oasis or resort getaway in your own home. Invite your friends over for a staycation. Elevate your staycations with Stella Artois.

Here’s some inspiration to get you started:

Belgian Beer Garden
It’s easier than you think to turn your home into a Belgian bar. A fridge full of Stella Artois pairs perfectly with Belgian and Bavarian favorites, like soft pretzels fresh out of the oven and deliciously crispy Belgian fries. (Because what’s better than a fry? A twice-fried fry!)

To round out this carb-tastic menu, satisfy your guests’ sugar cravings with a Belgian waffle bar. With a selection of toppings like strawberries, whipped cream, nutella, and powdered sugar, your friends will feel like they’ve been transported to the best waffle stand in Brussels. But it can be a lot of sugar, so make sure you have enough Stella Artois chilling on ice – it’s the perfect drink to cut the sweetness.


French Café
When people think French Café, they usually think wine and cheese. But, honestly, is there anything worse than a glass of tepid red wine in the suffocating humidity of a DC summer?

This is weather that calls for light and refreshing fare — less cooking, more relaxing. Your cooking-free menu of French baguettes, artisanal cheeses, fresh fruit, and macarons pairs perfectly with a refreshing Stella Artois. Everyone knows a Parisian soiree is going to be delicious, but who knew it could be so simple?

Pool Party
You don’t need a fancy rooftop or backyard pool to pull off a pool party. So long as you have some outdoor space – be it a backyard, patio, or even a balcony — you can treat yourself to your very own resort staycation. All you need is a kiddie pool, access to water, and your grilling favorites.

Go traditional with burgers, hot dogs, and fries (after all, you’ve already mastered the Belgian fry recipe!) or mix it up with some grilled veggie kebabs and a tortellini pasta salad. If you really want to tak your pool party to the next level, hand over the barbeque tongs to someone else, kick off your shoes, grab a Stella Artois, and go join your friends by the kiddie pool.

High Rollers Night
You know what doesn’t sound fun? Trudging up and down the Vegas strip — a.k.a. the scorching desert — in the middle of July. Instead, bring the best parts of Vegas to you.

The evening can be as glam or as chill as you want. Just like Vegas, this is a choose-your-own-adventure experience. Keep it simple with summer staples like chips and guac, flatbreads, or your favorite frozen appetizer from Trader Joe’s. Go old-school Vegas glam with retro classics like shrimp cocktail, ahi tuna bites, medallions of beef, and decadent brownies. No matter which party fits your style, there’s only one answer when a friend asks if there’s anything they can bring: Stella Artois.