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6 Exhibits You Shouldn’t Miss at the Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library

The Daily Show's exhibit is in DC this weekend

It’s not easy to pick a favorite exhibit at the Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library, a project of The Daily Show that touches down in DC this weekend. For Daily Show correspondent Roy Wood Jr., it’s the inaugural foam cake, copied from one of Obama’s, which Wood describes to Washingtonian as a “beautiful allegory” for this moment we find ourselves in. So see the cake while the “library” is in DC this weekend. And make sure you hit these other displays as well.

The “Verified Survivors” wall

Trump Twitter Library DC

Famous people at whom the President has tweeted share how they handled their moment in his crosshairs. “He didn’t even give me a fun nickname,” Kathy Griffin says. Mark Cuban explains how he “decided to go simple” with his response. “This is like my eighth nickname. I thought he was supposed to be better at this,” says Adam Schiff.

“11 Minutes”

Trump Twitter Library DC

A 9/11-remembrance-style video about the short period in 2017 when the President’s Twitter account vanished.

The “covfefe” tweet

Trump Twitter Library DC

It finally gets the presentation it deserves.

“Deleted but Not Forgotten”

Trump Twitter Library DC

RIP “We.”


Trump Twitter Library DC

A catalog Trump was undoubtedly right about, like Ben Affleck being excellent in Batman. (Ben Affleck is excellent in everything, fight me.)

“The Commander-in-Tweet”

Trump Twitter Library DC
Photograph by Matt Negrin.

An interactive exhibit where you can compose your own tweet in the President’s style while sitting on a golden commode (my attempt, above). Nearby, a large screen shows the President’s Twitter feed and plays an alarm whenever he tweets: “Bing! Bing! Bing!” a good impression of his voice announces to the crowd.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Presents: The Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library runs from Friday to Sunday at the Showroom, 1099 14th Street, Northwest. Noon to 8 PM daily. Free. 

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