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Here Are Some Names That Prominent Washingtonians Gave Their Second Houses in 1983

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From the Social List of Washington, D.C. (the “Green Book”), 1983


Capt. and Mrs. John Ferris Ackerman, USN (Ret.), also resident in Silver Spring, in Mount Pleasant, SC


Col. and Mrs. Harry Leonard Bush, also resident in Wesley Heights, on Jupiter Island, FL


Dr. and Mrs. Patrick Anthony Coyne, also resident in Bethesda, on Sanibel Island, FL

“Villa Bacaroni”

Mrs. Albert dePonton d’Amecourt, also resident in Kalorama, in Middleburg, VA

“Dun Roamin”

Mr. and Mrs. Roger HB Davis, also resident in Bethesda, in Wolftown, VA

“St. Richard’s Manor”

Mr. and Mrs. George Anthony Thomas Donely, also resident in Westchester, in Lexington Park, MD


Mrs. George Angus Garrett, also resident in Kalorama and Palm Beach, FL, in Northeast Harbor, ME


Mr. and Mrs. John Timberlake Gibson, also resident in Spring Valley, in Aurora, IN

“Chez Gillet”

Mr. George Martin Gillet, III, also resident in the West End, in Rehoboth Beach, DE


Judge June L. and Mr. John Cawley Green, also resident in Southwest, in Arnold, MD


Dr. and Mrs. Robert Charles Haile, also resident in Chevy Chase, MD, in Woodstock, VA

“Specula Farm”

Mr. and Mrs. David Lewis Herndon, also resident in Chevy Chase, MD, in Mercersberg, PA

“Chances Enlarged”

Mr. and Mrs. Everett Edward Kavanaugh, Jr., also resident in Bethesda (son Brett Michael at Yale College), in Wittman, MD

“Aunt Hittie’s West Field”

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Saeger Keck, also resident in Georgetown, in Barnstable, MA

“Farmers Delight” and “Turkish Delight”

The Hon. and Mrs. George Crews McGhee, also resident in Georgetown, in Middleburg, VA, and Alanya, Turkey, respectively


Mr. and Mrs. Harold Charles Nystrom, also resident in Rockville, on Fenwick Island, DE

“Cash Flow”

Assistant Secretary of Energy (Congressional, Intergovernmental and Public Affairs) and Mrs. Robert C. Odle, Jr., also resident in Old Town, in Oxford, MD

“Makepeace Farm”

Lt. General and Mrs. William Wilson Quinn, also resident in Kalorama, in Wittman, MD


Mr. and Mrs. Warren Trowbridge Rockwell, also resident in Spring Valley, on Gibson Island, MD


Mr. and Mrs. Howard Somers Spering, also resident in Pompano Beach, FL, in Chevy Chase, MD

“Chateau Dijon”

Maj. Gen. and Mrs. Don S. Wenger, USAF (Ret.), also resident in Alexandria and Newport, RI, in San Antonio, TX


Mrs. Douglas Whitlock, also resident in Westchester, in Rehoboth Beach, DE

“Ah! View!”

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Wallace Wilkinson, also resident in Bethesda, in Pemaquid Harbor, ME

“The House at Pooh Corner”

Mr. and Mrs. Harter Whiting Williams, also resident in Bethesda, in Ludington, MI

“Little Oatlands”

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pardee Williams, also resident in Spring Valley, in Leesburg, VA

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