What’s in My Gym Bag: Body by Buckner Trainer Lauren Buckner

Photograph courtesy of Lauren Buckner.

Who: Lauren Buckner, 42, Congress Heights
Does: Body by Buckner owner and fitness trainer
Approach to fitness: “I believe in training clients from the ‘inside out,’ focusing first on positive thinking and healthy habits and then creating customized workouts. I fuse dynamic workouts with elements of cardio and low-impact workouts with elements of yoga. Above all, I strive to make fitness fun and to motivate people of all abilities and ages to just move.“

The Bag

“My fitness bag is dope,” says Buckner. “It’s so stylish and bright. Tangerine is one of my favorite colors.” An added bonus—it’s made of neoprene, so it’s soft but durable.

Sporty Spice Tangerine Bag; $166; Annabel Ingall

Finger Stopwatch

“This is my favorite and most valuable item in my bag,” says Buckner. “I teach a lot of high-intensity classes and I move around a lot when I teach, so having a timer that I can wear on my finger is amazing. It doesn’t get in the way and I can keep time from any place in the room.”

SportCount Stopwatch; $33; Amazon


“Hydration is important, so I try to carry water with me at all times,” says Buckner. She likes TotalFit because it’s loaded with electrolytes and minerals.

TotalFit Alkaline Premium Water; $20 for 12-pack; TotalFit

Protein Packets

Buckner always tells her clients to be prepared if hunger strikes, which is why she likes these on-the-go protein packets. Using them, she can make a shake anywhere, anytime, and she likes Arbonne because the products are plant-based and have 20 grams of protein.

Chocolate protein shake mix; $39 for 10-pack; Arbonne


“I sweat everyday, so I have to keep my skin clean to prevent breakouts,” says Buckner. She particularly likes these Fre products because they’re targeted at women who frequently work out and sweat a lot.

The 123Fre Set; $115; Fre Skincare


Buckner teaches a lot of outdoor workouts, so sun protection is a must. She likes Coola because it’s light, organic, and doesn’t leave behind white streaks when she sweats.

Prices vary; Coola Sunscreen

Essential Oils

When teaching a yoga class or leading a meditation, Buckner breaks out these oils to help her clients soothe their muscles and relax.

Serene Living Oils; prices vary; Dragon Herbs

Cards for a Free Workout


Buckner makes sure to tell everyone she meets about the workout classes she teaches. And she wants readers to check them out, too—which is why you can bring this flyer for a free class (above) to any of her workouts.

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