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NHL Player or Trump Scandal Figure?

Take this quiz to see if you can tell who's who

GIF and photo illustration by Lauren Bulbin

The United States just impeached its president. Also, the 2019-2020 National Hockey League season is underway. Chances are, you’re following at least one of these dramatic stories. But how closely are you watching? Can you tell your Boston Bruins starters from your Burisma Board members, your possibly playoffs-bound Edmonton Oilers from your possibly Kremlin-aligned Russian Oligarchs?

Senior Writer

Luke Mullins is a senior writer at Washingtonian magazine focusing on the people and institutions that control the city’s levers of power. He has written about the Koch Brothers’ attempt to take over The Cato Institute, David Gregory’s ouster as moderator of NBC’s Meet the Press, the collapse of Washington’s Metro system, and the conflict that split apart the founders of Politico.