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Things to Do in DC This Weekend (February 6-9): Diane Keaton, the DC Defenders, and a Celebration of African Americans in Aviation

The DC Defenders are kicking off the re-launched XFL’s inaugural season at Audi Field on Saturday. Photograph courtesy DC Defenders.


DANCE The Seoul-based Bereishit Dance Company presents traditional culture and music with a contemporary aesthetic. The group will perform two works on Thursday at Strathmore: “Balance & Imbalance” features dancers interacting with traditional Korean drummers and “Judo” with choreography inspired by the martial art. $25-$75, 8 PM.

BOOKS Actress Diane Keaton reflects on her brother Randy in Brother & Sister: A Memoir. The actor delves into how their lives diverged after a close childhood relationship, opening up about Randy’s challenges with alcoholism and mental illness. Keaton has pulled together old family photographs, letters, and other writings in this book about family ties and the bond between siblings. She will speak at Sixth & I. $40 (ticket plus one pre-signed book), 7 PM.


THEATER Keegan Theatre presents the DC premiere of Boy, a play inspired by the true story of a boy who was raised as a girl after a botched medical procedure in the 1960s. The protagonist explores and wrestles with his gender identity after he learns the truth about the operation he endured as a baby. Through March 7. $51.

THEATER The play Mother Road is inspired by John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath and follows a man who wants to pass down his family farm to a descendent. He discovers his only known relative is a Mexican American man. The pair travel from California back to Oklahoma, bonding along the way. Mother Road runs through March 8 at Arena Stage. $56-$95.


SPORTS If you’re lamenting the end of the NFL season, head to Audi Field where the DC Defenders will take on the Seattle Dragons in the first game for the re-launched XFL. There are a few key XFL rules that differ from the NFL, many of which aim to make the game faster: the play clock is just 25 seconds, there are only 2 time-outs per team per half, and halftime is a mere 10 minutes long. In addition to hustling up the action, there are some unusual in-game rules as well, like a 1-, 2-, or 3-point play after a touchdown instead of a kicked extra point and an overtime that’s structured more like a hockey shoot-out. On the field, you’ll likely watch some former talent from local NFL teams, like Baltimore’s Matt Elam and Washington’s Rashad Ross. Another familiar face sits behind the bench of the Dragons: former Washington head coach Jim ZornThe first 10,000 fans on Saturday will receive a replica foam shield. $24-$120, 2 PM.

MUSEUMS Learn about African American figures in aviation and space at the National Air and Space Museum’s Udvar-Hazy Center. Hear from Col. Charles McGee, a veteran and Tuskegee Airman (2:30 PM), design and build a parachute while hearing about the “Triple Nickles” smokejumpers, and take a tour of the museum that highlights African American achievements in air and space. There will be other hands-on activities, panel discussions, and special story times that tie in to African American History Month. Free (parking is $15 per car), 10 AM – 3 PM.

BOOKS In the graphic memoir Almost American Girl, author Robin Ha revisits her childhood, first growing up with a single mom in Seoul, Korea, and then relocating to Alabama and jumping into a new stepfamily and new culture. Keith Chow, host of the podcast “Southern Fried Asian,” will interview Ha at Fantom Comics; Ha will answer questions and sign copies of the book afterwards. Free to attend, 4 PM.


FOOD Dine at Equinox for a good cause: “To Australia, With Love” will benefit the World Wildlife Fund-Australia and NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc. (WIRES), both working to rescue wildlife affected by the wildfires. Tickets include one beverage and plant-based hors d’oeuvres. $50, 5 PM.

SHOPPING Dupont Underground has partnered with Art Rave on a new weekly arts market starting this Sunday. Browse local artisans every Sunday in the subterranean space. Free, 11 AM to 6 PM.

LAST CALL: Here’s what’s closing this weekend

“My Iran: Six Women Photographers” closes 2/9 at the Smithsonian National Museum of Asian Art.