What’s in My Home Gym: Mohammed Iqbal of SweatWorks

Mohammed Iqbal. Image courtesy of Sweatworks.

Mohammed Iqbal, 40, lives in Rosslyn and is the CEO of SweatWorks, which helps fitness groups with digital product design and development. Outside of work, though, he makes sure to prioritize his own health and fitness: Anywhere from 45-to-90 minutes a day, you can find him doing a combination of cardio, strength training, and stretching.

Proper hydration and nutrition are important to him, too. He’s a big fan of fruits and vegetables, complex carbs like oatmeal or brown rice, lean and vegan proteins, and relies on nuts and seeds to get his fats. He tries to limit his dairy and sugar, opting for almond milk, Stevia, or honey instead, but he does leave room for a few glasses of red wine a week.

During the pandemic, Iqbal has had to forego his weekly SoulCycle dates with his wife, opting for running or biking outdoors instead. While he originally relied on his bodyweight for strength workouts, he and his wife have invested in some workout gear for their own makeshift gym in their apartment (meanwhile, the couple is building a home in Arlington with an actual outfitted gym).

Here, Iqbal shares with us what he uses to break a sweat at home:



“OK, this isn’t technically a piece of equipment, but it’s an essential component to tracking my fitness and staying connected with friends,” says Iqbal. “Strava continues to add some helpful features, such as telling you when you recover and finding great running or biking routes.” Free or $6 a month for subscription service; Strava


Indoor Bike

Iqbal and his wife use a MYXFitness bike, which comes with a weight set, a kettle bell, a foam roller, and an exercise mat. The MYX Plus; $1,499; MYXFitness

Pull-Up Bar

This pull-up bar doesn’t require screws for installation, holds up to 300 pounds, and can be used for a variety of exercises like dips, chin-ups, and leg raises. Komsurf Pull-Up Bar; $60; Amazon



“I rediscovered TRX as a result of Covid and have now made it a staple of my routine,” says Iqbal. “It’s cost-effective, easy to carry around, and you can do it from almost anywhere.” TRX Home 2 System; $185; TRX


Apple Watch

Iqbal uses his Apple Watch to track workouts and hold himself accountable to moving throughout the day, even when he’s not working out. Apple Watch; $199; Apple


Heart Rate Monitor

Iqbal uses a heart rate monitor to structure most of his workouts. This one—which you wear on your arm—also integrates with Iqbal’s Apple Watch. Polar OH1 Heart Rate Monitor; $80; Polar

Trigger Point

Foam Roller

“Foam rolling is one of my favorite methods of recovery,” says Iqbal. “It has helped me keep injuries at bay during training cycles.” Grid Foam Roller; $35; Trigger Point


Workout Mat

Iqbal uses this as a stable surface for workouts (and, yes, to keep sweat from falling on the floor). Premium Two-Color Yoga Mat; $30; Gaiam


iPad Pro

Iqbal uses his iPad Pro for Zoom calls and virtual workouts via the Peloton app. iPad Pro; $749; Apple


“During the hot DC summers, staying properly hydrated can be difficult,” says Iqbal. “I pop a Nuun tab into my water before and after workouts.” Nuun Sport Hydration Tablets; $7; Nuun

Soleil Toujours


During outdoor workouts, Iqbal makes sure to wear sunscreen from a sustainable brand. Organic Sheer Sunscreen Mist SPF 50; $34; Soleil Toujours

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