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The Daily Show Bought a Full-Page Ad in the Washington Post Today

Thursday morning’s Washington Post featured what looks like an ad for a mildly shady law firm on the back of its first section: “Are you a soon-to-be ex-president?” it asks. “About to lose legal immunity?” The firm promises it can “get you off … and you won’t even have to pay us $130,000,” a reference to President Trump’s payment to Stormy Daniels.

The firm, Trevor Noah & Associates & Sons, greatly resembles the cast of The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, the Comedy Central show that has devoted a good amount of effort to trolling Trump in DC. Last summer, it installed a “Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library,” complete with a golden toilet where visitors could compose a tweet, and this past January it paid for a truck to drive around DC showing video of Trump insulting some of the US senators who were considering his impeachment.

The ads also ran in the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times, a Comedy Central spokesperson tells Washingtonian, and they’re part of the show’s coverage of the Democratic and Republican conventions. The show’s slogan for the DNC was “The Democratic National Convention—Electing America’s First Black President’s Friend” and the one for the RNC is “The Republican National Convention—Celebrating February’s Record Economy.” The spokesperson recommended calling the number on the ad.

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