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Hey, Kids! Who Are You Thankful For This Year?

Write a thank-you note to a fellow DC-area resident, and we may publish it in an upcoming issue of the magazine.

As the end of 2020 nears, we at Washingtonian are doing a lot of thinking about all we’ve been grateful for during this particularly difficult year. And we want to hear from local kids who have someone special to thank.

Is your child feeling particularly grateful to a fellow Washingtonian this year? Perhaps a teacher who’s taken extra care during distance learning, a mail carrier who delivers mail-order medicine or cards from a faraway relative, a DC-area VIP like Dr. Anthony Fauci?

If so, take a break from Zoom School and have your child pen a thank-you note to her/him, then send it to us for possible publication in our magazine and on our website.

These are the guidelines:

–Letter should begin with “Dear INSERT NAME,” so that it is very clear to whom your child is writing

–The recipient must be someone who currently lives in the Washington area

–Letter should be signed with your child’s name and age

–Letter should be hand-written; no typed letters

–Letter can be penned on any kind of paper; artful touches with crayon, paint, marker, etc. are welcome

–Sentiments that capture the moment (life during a pandemic, living in quarantine) are best suited for this

–Kids and youth up to age 17 may participate

–A high-resolution photo or scan of the letter should be sent to the email by end of day Friday, October 16, 2020

–Your hard copy of the letter should be kept intact; please don’t throw it away! We may follow up with you for the original hard copy of your letter.

Kristen Hinman
Articles Editor

Kristen Hinman has been editing Washingtonian’s features since 2014. She joined the magazine after editing politics & policy coverage for Bloomberg Businessweek and working as a staff writer for Voice Media Group/Riverfront Times.