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Hundreds of MAGA Protesters Are Flooding Downtown DC, and Most of Them Are Maskless

Even with Trump hospitalized, social distancing is spotty at the "Unsilent Majority" march.

Downtown DC is full of protesters today, but they’re not the crowd we’ve seen over the past few months. Nope, these protesters are waving American flags, decked in MAGA gear, and mostly maskless.

The “Unsilent Majority: March on Washington” was organized by conservative group #WalkAway as part of a larger weekend of activities making up “The Ultimate American Weekend.” Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw, conservative commentator Katie Hopkins, and singer Joy Villa are all scheduled to speak.

Originally, the event had expected an attendance of close to 8000, but less than a thousand showed up today. But what the group lacks in numbers they….also lack in masks. Which isn’t legal in DC, as the most recent Mayor’s order requires masks to be worn in public.

Here’s what it looks like.

Photo by Evy Mages
Photo by Evy Mages
Photo by Evy Mages
Brandon Straka, founder of #WalkAway. Photo by Evy Mages
Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes. Photo by Evy Mages
Photo by Evy Mages
Photo by Evy Mages
Photo by Evy Mages

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