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Politico Journalists Will Get $15 Uber Eats Credit for Debate Night

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Politico will give any of its journalists who have to work during Wednesday’s debate a $15 credit for ordering food via Uber Eats, several people at the Arlington-based political-reporting giant tell Washingtonian. The publication provided the same credit during the last debate.

The credit is a sad replacement for the newsroom debate night meal, a tradition that Wall Street Journal reporter Byron Tau has dutifully reported on for years. (This year, however, no.)

Washingtonian doesn’t provide such a credit to its employees (though we do have another drinking game you can play if you really hate yourself), but it does have excellent food journalists on staff, and I asked them for ideas how Politico journalists could maximize that 15 bones.

A Detroit-style pizza from Red Light will run you around $15, Ann Limpert says, and you’ll likely have leftovers. Pizza is especially useful if you’re going to play the drinking game, she notes. Jessica Sidman recommends the fried-chicken sandwich from Roaming Rooster, which will leave you a little extra dosh for fries. Sidman also recommends ordering from Rasa in Navy Yard–“relatively healthy if you want to counterbalance the junk on TV,” she says. Anna Spiegel recommends Bandit Taco’s street-style tacos–you can get a bunch of inexpensive, delicious tacos for $15, she says (she recommends the al pastor and crispy shrimp). Also: “Capo Deli. Sandwiches are huge so you could split one and go in on a Fauci Pouchy or a Piña Kamala,” Spiegel says.

This post has been updated with recommendations from Anna Spiegel, who was driving when I originally asked for reccies. 

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