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We Need to Talk About the Fly on Mike Pence’s Head

Truly the highlight of this debate

Compared to last week’s “shit show” of a presidential debate, tonight’s vice presidential debate was blissfully boring. There was one standout moment, though, and that was the fly on Mike Pence’s head.

That a fly briefly landed on Pence’s coif was not groundbreaking; what was jaw-dropping was that Pence had zero reaction to this bug landing on his hair. Like, not even a tiny flinch. Anyone with normal human reflexes would absentmindedly swat at the bug invading their space, but Pence was either completely unaware of the fly’s presence or ignored it with exquisite control for TWO ENTIRE MINUTES before the fly took off.

Naturally, the internet exploded with questions. Did the fly get caught in Pence’s hair gel? Is Pence a member of the undead and incapable of sensing things crawling on his body? Does the fly now have to be tested for Covid? Here’s what some people on Twitter had to say.

There are now multiple Twitter accounts that claim to be the fly.

Jane Recker
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