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Forecasters Predict DC Will Have a Pretty Mild Winter

A pandemic blizzard is unlikely.

Photograph via iStock.

It seems the heavenly powers have decided that a winter of quarantine would be hard enough. We’ll likely be spared from dealing with any blizzards on top of a pandemic. The Post reported this morning that forecasters predict the DMV will get roughly 10 inches of snow this winter—about five inches below average.

The Post‘s headline, from the Capitol Weather Gang, proclaimed: “Forecasters call for at least 10 times as much snow in Washington this winter compared to last.”

OK, given that we saw just 0.6 inches of snow last winter, this headline is technically correct. And this is a city that can freak out at a mere dusting. Just don’t expect any white-out blizzards or snowed-in doorframes. This annual snowfall is predicted to be slightly lower than average.

To be fair, these are just predictions. Two of the seven forecasters the Post consulted prognosticated a snowfall of around 20 inches, which is nothing doomsday-like, but still higher than average. And the story noted that all of the forecasters interviewed last year predicted a snowier than normal winter…which ended up being way off.

So maybe invest in a snow shovel, just to be safe.

Jane Recker
Assistant Editor

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