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GW University Tells Students: Buy a Week of Food and Medicine to Prep for Election Chaos

An email sent out to students says they should prep for election week as if it were a hurricane

Photograph by Evy Mages

An email sent to George Washington University Students Friday suggested students prep for election week the way they would a hurricane or snowstorm. “Before Tuesday, we recommend you have at least one week of food, supplies, and medicine for your room,” the email says.

Large numbers of protesters and demonstrators are expected in the District this week, including thousands tonight at Black Lives Matter Plaza. Currently, DC officials say they’re not aware of any credible threats of violence in the District, and that while parking will be restricted downtown tonight and tomorrow, they haven’t called up the National Guard or recommended businesses board up.

Many businesses have still decided to take extra precautions by boarding up or closing, and it seems individual Washingtonians have done the same — some local supermarkets have been depleted of food staples like meat and eggs.

Jane Recker
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