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Far-Right Activists Are Promoting Pro-Trump Rallies in DC this Saturday

As post-election tension soars, white nationalists are among those involved with the "Million MAGA March"

A participant in a rally this past October makes what's often a white power gesture. Photograph by Evy Mages

Several groups plan rallies in support of President Trump’s efforts to overturn the results of last week’s election, which he lost.

The rallies, which go by different names, including “Million MAGA March,” “Stop the Steal,” and the “March for Trump,” all plan to gather Freedom Plaza at noon on Saturday, according to social media posts. If a million people actually show up, that may be an issue: Freedom Plaza’s maximum capacity is 13,900, according to an estimate from the National Park Service.

Some far-right figures are already promoting the Million MAGA March, including white nationalist Nick Fuentes and Unabomber fan Cassandra Fairbanks. Scott Presler, a conservative activist who was previously associated with the hate group Act for America, appears to be involved with Stop the Steal. The comparatively more mainstream Fox News host and informal Trump adviser Sean Hannity has promoted the March for Trump on Twitter.

The National Park Service has not yet replied to a question about whether any of the groups had sought permits for Freedom Plaza. Mayor Muriel Bowser said Tuesday that the District was watching the planned activities and would be prepared for them, WUSA reports.

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