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People Are Flying Into DC for the Million MAGA March

And, naturally, posting airplane selfies.

A Million MAGA March crowd forming on November 13, 2020. Photograph by Andrew Beaujon.

Already, there are about a hundred people gathered near the White House in anticipation of tomorrow’s Million MAGA March, complete with Trump flags and decked out cars. And the Infowars truck has been spotted downtown with people in combat-style gear sitting in the trunk.

Washington has been on edge over reports of the “Stop the Steal” caravans expected to arrive by tonight. But the protesters apparently aren’t only coming via the highway. People on right-wing Twitter are posting selfies showing their flights from across the country to make it to the event.


We’ll have to see how many people show up tomorrow; DC officials are preparing for hordes (see this map of street closures). Our advice: Stay away from downtown. Experts say these events could turn violent.


Jane Recker
Assistant Editor

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