7 Feta Dishes You Need to Try After Making the TikTok Feta Pasta

Feta pies, feta dips, feta fries...

Lulu's Wine Garden feta dip (left) with grilled bread. Photograph courtesy of Lulu's.

The hype over TikTok’s feta pasta recipe is making us crave feta everything. And luckily, the delicious, crumbly cheese is everywhere.

Whipped feta dip at Lulu’s Winegarden
1940 11th St., NW
This feta dip is loaded with hatch chile harissa, which gives it a spicy kick. Pair the dip (and the accompanying grilled bread) with a hot bourbon spiced cider or a can of local beer from Solace Brewing Company.

Htipiti spread at Zaytinya
701 9th St., NW
Made with marinated roasted red peppers, feta, and thyme, this spread is a perfect match for Zaytinya’s toasted pita. Chef José Andrés’s Mediterranean restaurant incorporates feta throughout its menu, including a smoked beet salad or with Greek meatballs.

Hush puppies at Cava Mezze
527 8th St., SE; 2940 Clarendon Blvd., Clarendon; 9713 Traville Gateway Dr., Rockville; 3122 Olney Sandy Springs Rd., Olney
These hush puppies aren’t your standard side dish—they’re loaded with the Greek restaurant’s signature whipped feta and jalapeño dip, and then slathered in harissa butter. Those looking for a greener option may like the restaurant’s feta-stuffed zucchini fritters.

Horiatiki salad and Greek fries at Souvlaki
1917 18th St., NW
Feta salads, spreads, and fries—this contemporary Greek fast-casual has it all. Those who fell in love with the tomato and feta TikTok pasta will savor the village salad, loaded with cucumbers, green peppers, and olives. Looking for feta-inspired comfort food? Try the restaurant’s baked feta dip or the crispy fries topped with feta and oregano.

Tiropita rustic pie at Mastiha
10560 Metropolitan Ave., Kensington
Loaded with fresh feta, ricotta, and parmesan, this classic Greek tiropita is perfect for cheese lovers. Owner and founder Katerina Georgallas is committed to using high-quality ingredients and Greek culinary traditions at her bakery—ensuring that you feel transported to Greece with every bite (note: orders must be placed in advance for pickup).

Kihi spinach pie from Alfa Piehouse
1750 H St., NW
Launched with help from Greek celebrity chef Argiro Barbarigou, this shop serves traditional Greek pies like a feta-filled Kihi spinach pie. Made with Greek feta and Kalamata extra virgin olive oil, this pie is made in the traditional Kozani spiral shape.

Greek toast at Toastique
764 Maine Ave., SW; 1331 4th St., SE; 1605 King St., Alexandria
Founded by Brianna Keefe, this toast and juice bar offers a variety of dishes that upgrade your basic avocado toast. Made with a hummus base, the Greek toast is loaded with arugula, tomatoes, onion, cucumber, and of course, feta. The perfect toast for when you want a feta salad— but don’t really want a salad.