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77,000 People Pre-Registered for DC’s Vaccine Yesterday—but Many of Them Can’t Yet Get It

Non-eligible people can pre-register, but can't make an appointment.

Photo-illustration by Jenny Rosenberg.

DC’s new Covid vaccine pre-registration portal opened yesterday morning, and by 8 PM last night, 77,000 people had enrolled. Over 33,000 of them, however, aren’t yet eligible for the shot. 

The high number of unqualified applicants stands in contrast to Bowser’s messaging before the portal opened. She stressed that those who are not yet eligible for the vaccine should not pre-register to keep from overloading the system.

At a press conference today though, Bowser said people can pre-register before they are eligible, but will not receive an invitation to make an appointment until their group qualifies. DC is currently in Phase 1C Tier 1 of vaccine distribution, which means residents 65 and older, residents with a qualifying medical condition, and residents in an eligible workforce are all able to get the vaccine.